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                         heeling         March 4, 2022 OB/Rally Practice
                                                 Show & Go held 2:00 - NLT 6:00* pm at the show site.
                                                 Day of entries accepted on space available basis.
ENTRY FEES: $1/ minute, 10-minute limit per run. Stays included with Novice & Open runs.
RULES: A team not ready to enter the ring when called will be moved to the end of the class. Rally signs, ring stewards and callers will not be available. Bring your own helpers. Your time begins when you enter the ring. Toys are permitted in the rings. No food left on mats or  ring gating. Corrections allowed in moderation. No ribbons or prizes will be awarded. Bitches in season are not permitted in the ring.

*Runs can begin when rings are set up on Friday. Hopefully runs will end earlier than 6 pm so everyone can go "home", rest up and take care of their dogs. Those not registered need to show up before 4 pm as once preregistered have run and no one else is there, match will close. Those preregistered will receive schedule by email. atbay3@gmail.com
Pre-Registration Sheet Must be received by 25th of Feb

AKC Temperament Testing

10 am - 2 pm. Different judges so certificate can be earned in one weekend!



There will be FAST CAT trials at this show. More information as registrations come open.
Premiums will be posted by Lure Coursing Specialists

Heath Clinic

Testing for heart, including echo / ekg; eyes; patella & cruciate as well as microchipping on Saturday will be offered. Preregistration is highly recommended to ensure a spot. Eye clinic will require 20 entries to be held. Microchipping on Saturday.
cinden1226@hotmail.com for information


PDFA has in the past included coursing, herding and barnhunt introductions to help bring more interest to our shows and we have enjoyed doing it, but shows are a big volunteer based event and we are wearing our people out trying to do so much on one weekend. Please watch our facebook page for practices in these other events if you are interested in doing other things with your dogs, and join your local dog club to help suport such activities with your help, enthusiasm and dogs!


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