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Pensacola Dog Fanciers Association was established and became an AKC licensed club in 1936. It remains a non profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the sport of purebred dogs. The purpose of the club is to promote responsible ownership, health and training of purebred dogs while maintaining a comraderie and venue for activities between enthusiasts.

We put on two AKC sanctioned dog shows per year, which involves a great deal of time, dedication, volunteers and money. Both shows, one an all-breed show and the obedience/rally trial is held in early March (or the last weekend in February). Both take place at the Escambia Equestrian Center. Income from these events help support the educational and community minded projects throughout the rest of the year.

Other events offered by PDFA are dependent upon the interests of club members and their support in organizing it. At this time, conformation, obedience, rally, barn hunts, lure coursing and AK Temperament events are being supported. Check out our events page or like our facebook page for what is coming up.

PDFA has, in conjunction with Five Flags Dog Training Club, stepped forward to fight against unfair legislation that included breeding bans and mandatory neutering. We also led the fight against privatization of our local animal shelter. We were successful on both counts, but the more voices that are heard by your legislators, the more effective we can be. We have proven that our voice counts and we call on all responsible pet owners to help us spread the word.

We try to help the area shelters and have donated items such as food, large dog igloos for uncovered runs and stainless steel bowls to the Escambia Animal Shelter. PDFA and Five Flags Training Club donated oxygen masks for large and small animals to all of the Escambia County Fire Stations. We have held Bark in the Park events to raise money and public attention to a drive for a large dog park that could be used for organized dog events, since parks in Escambia do not allow dogs. Promised 7 acres in the original plans for the Escambia County Equestrian Center, and that the paddocks at the Brosnaham Park would remain for open use until that happened, the clubs discontinued the drive for petitions. Meanwhile the city built far more dog parks than the county has done and we continue to await a fair decision for those dog owners in Escambia County to play with their dogs in a manner that allows for off lead play and planned events in a safe environment. The Equestrian Center has worked with the dog clubs to meet the needs of our AKC events where they can, but we continue to work toward a large enclosed area for events such as lure coursing and amenities that will allow the Center to appeal to larger events in controlled environments. These events bring visitors and money into the community as well as allow for healthy and bonding experiences for canine pets.

Members in the club have contact information for those seeking information on specific breeds. As with most all breed clubs, members are involved in breed rescue through their breed clubs and often assist in relocating dogs that, through no reason of their own, need new families. Breed rescue serves as an outlet for those who are interested in finding dogs of certain breeds that are usually through the puppy stage, are already neutered or spayed, and have some training; national club rescue contacts are listed through AKC. Click for information on finding a breeder

Pet Insurance is one way people are able to afford rising veterinary care. Find informaton here: https://365petinsurance.com/state/

                               Pensacola AKC Dog Show
      March 6-5-6 * Escambia Co. Equestrian Center * 7750 Mobile Hway
                                   See Our Show Pages for
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