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placeholder      Who Can Join PDFA?     

Membership shall be open to all persons seventeen (17) years of age or older or families who are in good standing with The American Kennel Club and who subscribe to the purposes and objectives of this club. While membership is not restricted as to residence, the Club's primary purpose is to be representative of breeders and exhibitors in the Greater Pensacola area (including the Florida Panhandle and Southwest Alabama).

How to Apply for PDFA Membership?

Applications for membership are available at Club Meetings (and most Club Events) and must be requested in person. PDFA asks that anyone requesting membership considers their ability to make the meetings in order that we maintain quorums at the meetings. We do offer associate membership for those who can't make meetings. To hold successful events, members as well as volunteers are necessary to put it on.

Once completed, including endorsement signatures from two PDFA Members in good standing, the application for membership along with annual dues shall be filed by the applicant with the Membership Chair.

Each application will be read at the first meeting following its receipt and at the next meeting applicant attends, where applicant's membership is voted upon.

                     Why Apply for PDFA Membership?

Belonging to an association that shares common interests and goals can lead to long-lasting friendships and accomplishments. One person can't set up a trial, but a group of people can! An all breed club  has a combined knowledge spanning decades in training, reproduction, health, showing, and events to share with one another. These contacts often become essential to providing the best care for your dogs and certainly help guide others to information. Jobs in the clubs are good learning experiences that often play out in other parts of one's life.  Programs and seminars are put on through the combined effort and interests of members with the backing of the club.
Join us at our meetings or events and see if we don't have something we can share with you!

Many people call us looking for outlets to locate a certain breed. Information on finding a breeder can be found here and all breed shows can be a good starting place to learn about the different breeds. Most national breed clubs will send information or have good info on their web sites. Do a search for the national club or find a listing at akc.org.

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